Kim BW edited

What is KIM?

KIM artists are musicians whose curiosity allows them to boldly cross any artificially drawn borders between musical genres. Each member is both a composer and an improvisor and is capable of combing those two necessarily different approaches. They are willing to try things differently than the norm. Everything is possible, and stylistic boundaries do not exist. Members are just as likely to be inspired by jazz as by new music, drum&bass, hip-hop, electronica or Balkan folk music. Composers and artists such as Morton Feldman, Björk and Radiohead are all treated with equal respect. Additionally, members see the interconnectivity of all art forms and are therefore open to collaborations with artists from all other disciplines, such as visual arts, architecture, dance, theatre, film and poetry.

Most important, however, is the ability to improvise: to respond to the musical necessity of each individual moment. With this comes the awareness that the past and the future are both a part of the present.

All members place high importance on the expansion of ones’ horizons that comes from exchange with other artists, therefore visitors from other parts of this world are always welcome.

KIM consists of:

Elias Stemeseder, Max Andrzejewski, Simon Kanzler, Laura Winkler, Geoffroy De Masure, Tilo Weber, Otis Sandsjö, Christian Tschuggnall, Raphael Meinhart, Igor Spallati, Andrej Ugoljew, Clara Haberkamp, Kati Brien, Max Santner, Paul Santner, Liz Kosack and Anna Webber.

When is KIM?

Every Wednesday starting in August 2013, 9pm

Where is KIM?

Salon Tippel, Schudomastraße 45, 12055 Berlin-Neukölln
[S-Bhf Sonnenallee]

How to contact KIM?

write an e-mail to 


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