Kim is back!

J1 IMG_8091 bw

KIM yawns, stretches… what time is it? June?? OK, we’ve slumbered through some months, had a beautiful dream trip to Leipzig for an amazing meeting of the KLAENG Kollektiv Köln und Jazzkollektiv Leipzig at the Kubique Festival, and now find ourselves on the verge of the summer again. Time to shake away dew of sleep and make our return: TWO CONCERTS this month to launch the series anew! Johanna Weckesser, one of our new members, starts things off at Mainzer 7 on 10 June, then Simon Kanzler spearheads our foray to a (possible) new home at Rotbart on 16 June, a new venue just down the street from our beloved Salon Tippel in Neukölln.

Check the shows section for details! Come out and hear what’s new!

 otis scream2bw


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