KYMN of Gratitude

13. AUGUST, 18 UHR: Videopremiere – Kurzfilm, Doku, Musikfil

digital – KIM Collective im Auftrag von Berliner Festspiele / Jazzfest Berlin

JazzWoche link : click for info and streaming!

They are everywhere: unseen heroines and heroes of the pandemic. Stacking toilet paper pyramids at the corner store; humping heaps of parcels up narrow Berlin staircases as though in a never-ending holiday shopping season. Caring for eldest when their kin aren’t allowed to. Caring for the youngest while the boss has taken place at the kitchen table via Zoom. KYMN of GRATITUDE gives praise to these mothers, shop clerks, fathers, nurses and all those toiling away for us. KIM Collective roams the city for a day, offering its specially composed hymn to those who truly deserve to be serenaded.

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